The Planes of the Head


The Planes of the Head is a series of three amazingly useful analytical sculptures that break down the complexity of the human head into three cohesive layers each providing a new level of understanding to the artist. We include the female fleshed head, the NMA Planes of the Head and the Vilppu Planes of the Head. This is the ultimate resource for anybody who wants to improve their understanding of the human head.

Analyzing the head in terms of planed surfaces is something that goes back to Durer and earlier. Since the human head is a mostly rigid and highly complex structure, this approach is an ideal way to master the subject.

For the Vilppu Planes layer of this model we teamed up with world-famous artist and art educator Glenn Vilppu. Glenn is a founding member of New Masters Academy and he’s an expert on drawing and painting the head and the author of several internationally best-selling books on the head. He had been wanting to see a three-dimensional product like this for over forty years.

Whether you are a draftsman, painter, sculptor, or digital artist, if you know the planes you can reproduce the head with confidence.

Model Details

Released: April 13, 2013
Model Version: 1.0
Credits: Designed and sculpted by Joshua Jacobo and Eric Wilson with designs by Glenn Vilppu. Additional sculpting by Vladimir Goryachev.
Overview: An analytical break-down of the planes of the head with three layers. 1) The NMA Planes 2) The Vilppu Planes 3) The fleshed female head
Process: Sculpted digitally using anthropomorphic and medical data as reference.

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