The David by Michelangelo


One of Michelangelo’s great masterpieces, the David stands 517cm tall without his plinth and is carved from a single block of marble. One of the most famous and internationally recognized works of art in the world, there is no highly accurate physical reproduction available to artists and art connoisseurs to study outside of the original in Florence, Italy. Using sophisticated digital techniques the David has here been reconstructed down to the millimeter level for artists to analyze, study, and draw or sculpt from. The added benefit of multiple angles and perspective views not possible in life provide an entirely new way to appreciate this master work.

Model Details

Released: April 13, 2013
Model Version: 1.0
Credits: Digitally Reconstructed by New Masters Academy
Overview: A complete and accurate digital reproduction of Michelangelo’s 517cm tall marble David statue. The original resides in the Accademia Gallery in Florence, Italy.
Process: Digitally reconstructed

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Questions and Feedback

    1. shanechristensen says:

      Great resource, I also like the Eye of David you have available, one suggestion would be to complete the training series by having models of the Nose, Mouth and Ear of David to learn to draw and sculpt from. This is a classic teaching tool, and having them as 3D models would become the ultimate in modern educational training.

    2. MichalBeran says:

      Now it is working OK. Thanks! :-)
      I have 1 suggestion: It would be really helpful if it is possible to switch it to fullscreen. I’m on multimonitor system (3 screens) and it would be awesome. Thanks!

    3. Joshua Jacobo, New Masters Academy Cofounder says:

      Try it now please.

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