Lilly Pose 06


This is 3D scan of a live figure model, captured using the NMA Full-Body Scanner. The forms of the figure, down to hair and details are reproduced in unmatched quality, allowing you to analyze the real human body without the distractions of color or movement or the limitations of a particular angle.

We encourage you to move the lights and camera around and practice drawing, painting, and sculpting from these figures with the help of the measure tool to improve your skill and understanding.

Model Details

Released: April 13, 2013
Model Version: 1.0
Credits: Digitally Reconstructed by New Masters Academy
Overview: A 3D scan of of live figure model, captured using the NMA Full-Body Scanner

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Questions and Feedback

    1. JayKufner says:

      This is a great tool. But the I would love to be able to view it at full screen. On my large monitor the viewing size is no larger than my Ipad.

      • AdamFoster-Fahy says:

        I’m on Chrome and I found that F11 to switch to full screen and then Ctrl + to zoom in works quite well. You lose a bit of definition but it makes the viewer fullscreen.

      • Joshua Jacobo, New Masters Academy Cofounder says:

        There is a unity bug with fullscreen for the web viewer. As soon as it gets patched we’ll reimplement the fullscreen button.

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