Dynamic Anatomy Figure


Dynamic Anatomy Figure is an écorché sculpture designed to showcase the anatomical forms of the body in pose. Viewers can compare the morphological characteristics of the flexed arm versus the extended, the raised thigh versus the straight and other relationships. This model also includes a skeletal layer to help viewers appreciate the relative depth and structure of the framework of the body. Also included is a continuous planes layer to help users conceptualize the orientation of the figure in space.

Model Details

Released: April 13, 2013
Model Version: 1.0
Credits: Designed and sculpted by Eric Michael Wilson
Overview: Illustrates the morphological characteristics of the muscles of the human figure and their relationship to the skeleton and planes of the body.
Process: Sculpted in clay, digitally scanned, then digitally finished
Layers: Muscles, rough skeleton, continuous planes of the body

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Questions and Feedback

    1. lynnecasal says:

      how do you change from the muscular view of the body to the skeleton view of the body for the dynamic figure 3d.

      • Ricna says:

        Go to Menu->Layers and click on checkbox to show the “Skeletal System”. Then you can disable the “Muscle System” or just change this transparency using the slide.
        You can move the layer to top and vice-versa, using all layers and changing “Transparency” to get what you want.

    2. LucaKarottki says:

      you cannot choose any layers in full-screen mode. the whole top bar is frozen ?

    3. JosephFrancis says:

      Would be good to be able to bookmark views, depart from them a bit to look around, then return exactly to them again.

    4. Removan de Sande says:

      Are there plans for a standing skeleton from which we can reference proportions etc. from ? This dynamic pose is great to look at but it isn’t the best resource to study from.

    5. Jativa says:

      The rectus femoris looks confusing to me in this model. It looks like two muscles when it is only one. It gives the impression that there is a new muscle between the rectus femoris and the vastus lateralis. The rectus femoris has only one subdivision in the center. Perhaps I’m wrong and there is a reference with this shape in somewhere?
      This becomes more evident if we have have in mind the high quality of the model in general.

    6. NikkiValentine says:

      This is a really awesome resource!! I love using these 3-D models when I want to do some drawing and can’t find an uninstructed figure workshop. I think something that would make this program really top-notch is a “save” option to record the angle/lighting you set if you need to close the page for any reason. I often end up closing poses in the middle of drawing because this program takes up so much RAM that it makes other programs slow. Recreating the pose every time is difficult and time-consuming! Being able to just bring it up from a save option would be great!!

    7. shanechristensen says:

      This is going to be a bit long winded but I need to express my concerns with the new version of the 3D viewer…There are several issues that are very troublesome for me and I’m sure many others, one is that the control seems more quirky than before the model does not rotate smoothly around a choosen fixed point without trying to self adjust in and out making it difficult to get it into a desired position without needing to keep trying to move it back and forth with the mouse, it works a little better if you keep it in orthographic view. (Some models controls are so bad that you cant even get it in a useful pose becuase the controls are so sensitive to even slight changes, one example is the Lilly Head). I am also having problems trying to set fixed points of rotation (which seemed to work better before). If you are serious about making improvements try adding a way to use the keyboard to make fine adjustments to the model positioning, now that is something we could use.
      One of the new features you have added is the Collider system (which I think is causing some of the problems with positioning things smoothly) it is a good idea but needs much improvement. It causes the model to push in and out while trying to get it into a pose and can even make the model push off screen completly until it just dissapears (try using it with the Lilly Head and you will see what I mean)
      The new color picker for the models is pretty useless, I liked it as it was before at least you could make it have a constant setting that looked more like clay, now it seems no matter how i set it I cant get the same look as it had before. It is extremly frustrating to have to try and match the same color every time you open the viewer You dont need every color of the rainbow, what you want is a way to quickly push a button that will set the color the same way every time (like it had before) and all you need for colors other than white are good matches for popular clays such as a WED like gray, a green-gray like Roma, a reddish Chavant like color, a browish Terracotta color, and a J-Mac like warm tan color, perhaps a way to make them darker or lighter but not much else is needed. The only other thing that might be useful for some people is settings to see it in something like a bronze metal material. But as it is now I dont think anyone is going to even use that color picker thing. The Specularity slider does not work at all (much better before) so I dont know why you even have it there (although it is much needed and missed).
      Again with the color picker for the background, not much needed, you want to be able to just hit a button to set it and not have to tweak a color picker to get the basic repeatable setting you want (usually just white, black, or 50% gray, like it was before). A rainbow of choices is a nice extra little feature but just a problem for most users.

      I really hope that will listen to what I have said here and either bring back the older version of the viewer or quickly fix these major problems with the 3D viewer. It would be nice if we could at least have a choice between the two versions because I am just so frustrated by this new one…Please help.

      • Joshua Jacobo, New Masters Academy Cofounder says:

        Thanks for the indepth feedback. I’m not sure I understand all of the issues you mention but some of them make sense. I’ll see what I can do about bringing back the stock colors in addition to the new picker. The rest I’ll look into.

        • shanechristensen says:

          Thanks Joshua, I know I was a bit confusing in my attempt to explain my issues, please feel free to ask me anything that might help you understand. I have noticed that some of the problems have been fixed with the Lilly Head Bust, much appreciated. You have been very helpful with every issue I have had and I am so grateful, thanks!

    8. shanechristensen says:

      What has happened to the 3D viewer!?! It is almost useless for me now…I cant even turn a model in space with my mouse without it jumping back and forth in space. There is no way that this can be used as a reference tool now. It was such a better 3D viewer before with precise control of the model and its position in space, now you could never get the model to be in the proper position for sculpture reference. The main issue seems to be the way it tries to push the model in and out to keep it from poking into the model, this is NOT good, I do not mind it peeking into the model if I can have precise control of the models position, now I cant get it to be oriented like I want and zoomed into the model closly, you have sacrificed the control for an unnnessary feature and I for one am not happy about how it works now…is it possible to use an executiable version that can access our models online and can also have a more customisable system so that this new feature can be turned off???
      I HIGHLY recommend that this be changed ASAP. I was going to upgrade my subscription to included all the great new 3D models but if this is how the viewer is going to be now then I will just have to pass on that…(sometimes its better to leave things alone if they are working fine I don’t understand changing them if it makes it worse???)

      • shanechristensen says:

        Ok a little update, I have now found the option for the Collider in the Scene Menu and have noticed that if I turn it off I can get back in control of the model much better, just was frustrating me that I couldn’t use the viewer without it turned off, you might want to have that off by default so that others do not experience the same issue I did.
        BUT I am still interested in an executable version that is not part of the browser that could access my models online without the browser??? Is this now available?

    9. shanechristensen says:

      Quick question and request, I understand the need to not have the video lessons for download ( making membership unnecessary) but perhaps the 3D models could be available as offline download? Perhaps a exe flash app would suffice, or obj files, just need to be able to use them in the studio on a large screen viewer (which is offline)? I would even be willing to pay for them.

      • Joshua Jacobo, New Masters Academy Cofounder says:

        We do have an executable version as well (we use this to test new features) but it still needs to authenticate your access to the models using the internet.

        • shanechristensen says:

          How can we have access to this type of executable version, I am VERY interested in using it this way as I am having issues with the browser viewer now and cant view models? I understand it needs to connect to the internet to authenticate, that would be just fine, PLEASE let me know where to get this viewer?

    10. shanechristensen says:

      Just curious, was this model scanned from a clay version or built in a program like Maya and/or ZBrush?

      • Joshua Jacobo, New Masters Academy Cofounder says:


        This is the only model in our library that was sculpted in clay then scanned then sculpted more in Zbrush.

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