The David Left Eye


One of Michelangelo’s great masterpieces, the David stands 517cm tall without his plinth and is carved from a single block of marble. One of the most famous and internationally recognized works of art in the world, there is no highly accurate physical reproduction available to artists and art connoisseurs to study outside of the original in Florence, Italy. Using sophisticated digital techniques the David left eye fragment has been reconstructed down to the millimeter level for artists to analyze, study, and draw or sculpt from.

Model Details

Released: April 13, 2013
Model Version: 1.0
Credits: Digitally Reconstructed by New Masters Academy
Overview: An accurate digital reproduction of the left eye area of Michelangelo’s 517cm tall marble David statue. The original resides in the Accademia Gallery in Florence, Italy.
Process: Digitally reconstructed

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