Lifetime Membership Certificate Program

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    The Certificate Program includes:

    • Each Area of focus includes a Curriculum of recommended lessons for Drawing, Painting,or Sculpting
    • Learn at your own pace by watching the video lessons, taking notes and completing the recommended practice exercises
    • Apply for your Certificate by submitting a portfolio of works demonstrating your mastery of the concepts
    • When approved, you will receive a signed Certificate acknowledging your hard work and achievement!
    • Portfolios are submitted as applications for the certificate to a Certificate Panel of experienced New Masters Academy Coaches and Instructors
    • If the Panel doesn't approve your portfolio, you will receive specific recommendations and comments to help you successfully apply for your Certificate the second time
    • Take your time! If you don't succeed after two attempts, there is a fee of $199 to apply again. This fee also applies if you're approved on your first submission but want to get a certificate in another focus

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Q.Lifetime means forever, right?

      A.By lifetime, we mean that you will always have access to these libraries as long as New Masters Academy exists as an entity.

    • Q.What happens if New Masters Academy goes out of business?

      A.In this unlikely event, Lifetime Members would have an opportunity to download their content onto personal drives.

    • Q.Does this plan include everything on the New Masters Academy website?

      A.Yes. You get access to the video lesson library, image reference database, and 3D model library as well as lesson downloadable handouts.

    • Q.How does this value compare with month-to-month subscriptions?

      A.Starting February 1, our month-to-month rate for the Video + 3D plan is $49/month. That comes out to $588 annually. If you compare that with our Lifetime Membership for $2499 you’ll realize that this is the best value we’ve ever offered–by far!

    • Q.How does the Certificate Program work?

      A.When you enroll, you will choose an option (drawing, painting, sculpture, or digital art), you will be assigned a list of lessons to go through (including practice exercises). Once you have completed these lessons you will submit sample work illustrating that you have understood the concepts included. Upon approval you will be mailed a physical copy of the Certificate to an address of your choosing.

    • Q.Who can participate in the Certificate Program?

      A.The Certificate Program is exclusive to Lifetime Members of New Masters Academy. If you are not a Lifetime Member you can sign up by clicking the yellow button on this page.

    • Q.How do I earn a Certificate?

      A.First, decide which area of focus you want to study (Drawing, Painting or Sculpture). Take the time to complete the recommended curriculum of video lessons, including all of their practice exercises. Take as much time as you need to study the material and practice. Then, create a portfolio of sample works to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts. Be sure to follow portfolio requirements.

    • Q.What are the portfolio requirements?

      A.A list of required elements for each area of focus can be found on the curriculum pages for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Each portfolio has a minimum of 10 required pieces. Up to 15 may be submitted. Don’t hurry, take well-lit photos and avoid distortion. All portfolios are submitted through email, look for a message from us after you sign up!

    • Q.How is my portfolio graded?

      A.Portfolios are judged by a Certificate Panel of experienced New Masters Academy instructors and coaches. Portfolios will receive a grade of either a “Pass” or a “Fail.”

    • Q.What if my portfolio does not receive a “Pass?”

      A.If your portfolio does not receive a “Pass,” it means that the Certificate Panel does not feel that your work demonstrates a clear understanding and mastery of the concepts. You will receive some specific recommendations and comments from the panel to help you apply again successfully. The Certificate Panel may suggest re-watching some of the lesson videos, doing more practice exercises, or reviewing specific concepts.

    • Q.How many times can I apply for a Certificate?

      A.You may apply as many times as you like. The first two applications towards one certificate are included. A fee of $199 is required to apply again after two failed attempts, or when applying for an additional certificate in another focus.

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