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Browse by Instructor: Rey Bustos

Rey Bustos graduated as an illustrator with high honors from the Art Center College of Design in 1989 and was elected by the student body to be the student speaker at their graduation.

Rey then went on to illustrate for many companies and magazines as well as having numerous fine art exhibits since 1990. He is currently represented by the San Marino Gallery in Pasadena.

Rey has also been teaching since 1990 and is now considered one of the preeminent artistic anatomy teachers in the country. He is known for his lively and passionate lectures and his enthusiasm is very evident and contagious.

Rey currently teaches at his Art Center College of Design, California State University, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and he is also in the teaching staff at Disney Feature Animation.

Rey teaches Analytical Figure Drawing, Drawing and Composition, 3D Anatomy/Ecorche, 2D Anatomy and a class that he created and is now required at the Art Center, Imaginatomy: An Anatomical Approach to Animal and Character Development.

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