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Browse by Instructor: Mark Westermoe

Mark Westermoe is one of the giants of figure drawing in Southern California. Along with his stunning drawings, paintings, and illustrations, he is also a world-class instructor. After graduating from Stanford, Mark returned to L.A. and began studying with his mentor, the great Fred Fixler, who was a student of legendary teacher Frank Reilly. Mark quickly became Fixler’s top student and protege. After Fixler’s death, Mark continued in the tradition of his mentor; handing down the knowledge of the Reilly Method to his students.

Mark’s professional illustration career rose to prominence when he worked for some of the top advertising houses in Hollywood, including BLT Communications and Seiniger Advertising. You can see his work on many feature film posters such as Braveheart, Total Recall, and Home Alone. Along with his film and figurative work, Mark founded Associates in Art in Sherman Oaks, California, which became one of the top private art schools in the country.

Many world-class artists and illustrators taught at Associates along with Mark, and many students and alumni became a “who’s who” of figurative art. Great artists such as Kevin Chen, Sergio Sanchez, and Paul Wee are just a few of Mark’s outstanding former students. Mark has revived his love and passion for drawing, painting, and teaching. Mark continues to master figurative art, and teach privately in Claremont, California.