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To Vancouver-based artist James Stewart, the dignity found in all things living captures his imagination and lies at the centre of his creative core. He travels the world in pursuit of the human spirit and expresses his discoveries through his sculpture.

With a focus on movement, character, and personality, Stewart captures the life, power, and pure emotion of the human experience, mastering the rare ability to imbue his figures with the subtlety of gesture and nuance to bringthem to life. An accomplished photographer, his well-documented journeys assist him in recreatinghis experiences in bronze, transcending these provocative figures into timeless works of fine art.

His Pangea collection captures both the diversity of the Earth's cultures while honoring its interconnectedness. Individually, the sculptures represent the spirit of specific individuals whom Stewart met during travels through Peru, Italy, and the Sinai Peninsula. Collectively, the ten bronze figurative art pieces reflect the common thread of human dignity in all its forms.

Stewart meticulously sculpts his figures out of clay, using the cire perdue (lost wax) method used by renowned classical sculptors such as Bernini and Rodin. A mold is then made from the completed piece for the casting of the bronze artwork. Each is hand-finished, with a patina applied as the final step.

An edition of nine is created for each piece and two artistÕs proofs are also cast. The creation of these works is carefully monitored and documented. Upon completion of the edition, Stewart oversees the destruction of the mold.

Making art helps me to understand the world. Pangaea is my keel through the chaos, a series that highlights the dignity within us all.