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Browse by Instructor: Chris Legaspi

Chris Legaspi is a fine artist obsessed with drawing and painting. With over 30 years of drawing and painting experience, Chris’ passion for art continues to grow.

Having studied with many great artists including Steve Huston, Mark Westermoe, Nathan Fowkes, and Zhaoming Wu, Chris is on the path to becoming a world-class draftsman and painter.

Along with his rich and extensive training in traditional drawing and painting, Chris also enjoys success as a concept designer for the videogame industry. His work can be seen in several hit video games, books, and magazines. Chris is also a regular contributor to illustration publications Imagine FX Magazine and 3D Total.

Chris has a passion for sharing his knowledge of art, drawing, and picture making. Having taught privately and at several top schools in Los Angeles, Chris is an admired and sought after instructor.

2 hours 49 minutes 53 seconds