New Masters Academy
We’re changing the art world. Are you with us? New Masters Academy is reinventing art education each and every day.
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A school with a vision.

New Masters Academy is an online fine art institution based out of Newport Coast, California. We challenge the art education establishment by offering superior instruction from some of the world’s best artists all for $19 per month. Our goal is to revolutionize and democratise the existing ineffective and expensive art educational system.The original founders of New Masters Academy sought to improve the way in which art is produced, assessed, and sold. The founders believed, as many others, that the quality of most fine art has suffered tremendously since the time of the Old Masters. In the words of NMA Cofounder, Joshua Jacobo:

“In the absence of a meaningful form of criterion, fine art has lost its compass and has descended into chaos, gimmickry, and academic transcription. Artists have lost a clear sense of the purpose and practice of making fine art and the academia and industry built there around have both accelerated and fueled this collective confusion.”

We believe that in order to improve art on a global scale, we need to reach as many artists around the world as possible. In just a few short months, our reach has grown to include tens of thousands of artists who are all united by a common purpose: to make better art.

A new approach to art education.

New Masters Academy provides a decidedly different form of art education to both new artists and experienced professionals. Drawing is held as the key activity from which all other fine arts are derived. Students are taught how to develop their own compositions from imagination, design figures and environments that work within their concepts, and through a series of stages develop their piece from its rough beginnings to a highly resolved finish. While in training, students are encouraged to work equally from imagination, from life, and from the Old Masters. In this way, students are able to gain the skill and confidence necessary when developing their own work.

Unlike most fine art programs, students do not spend hours creating meticulous renderings of plaster casts, life models on stages, or photographs. Students are not subjected to a overwhelming and unwieldy range of materials and approaches without adequate time to obtain mastery. Instead students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and are taught the practical skills necessary to draw and model from their minds using anatomy and technique to bring their creations to life. For more advanced students New Masters Academy offers training that deal with topics such as workflow, technique, anatomy, and composition.

* Price per month when ordering a year subscription

New Masters Academy Instructors

Glenn VilppuDrawing, painting, composition, anatomy

New Masters Academy Instructor, Glenn Vilppu

Steve HustonDrawing, painting, art theory, color, composition

New Masters Academy Instructor, Steve Huston

Ed FraughtonSculpture, art theory, mouldmaking, bronzing, business

New Masters Academy Instructor, Ed Fraughton

Juliette AristidesDrawing, painting, art theory

New Masters Academy Instructor, Juliette Aristides

Eric Michael WilsonSculpture, anatomy, mouldmaking

New Masters Academy Instructor, Eric Michael Wilson

Bill Perkins Color, composition, painting

New Masters Academy Instructor, Bill Perkins

Gary MeyerPainting, perspective

New Masters Academy Instructor, Gary Meyer

Danny GalieoteDrawing, painting, art theory

New Masters Academy Instructor, Danny Galieote

Sheldon BorensteinDrawing, painting, art theory

New Masters Academy Instructor, Sheldon Borenstein

Erik OlsonPerspective, painting, composition

New Masters Academy Instructor, Erik Olson

Kamille CorryAnatomy, painting, drawing

New Masters Academy Instructor, Kamille Corry

Joe WeatherlyAnimal anatomy, drawing, and painting

New Masters Academy Instructor, Joe Weatherly

James StewartSculpting

New Masters Academy Instructor, James Stewart

Matt LewisMold-making, casting

New Masters Academy Instructor, Matt Lewis